Banana Jones Slots

Any new RTG release is sure to attract a lot of attention. But the new Banana Jones game could attract more than usual thanks to its unusual style of gameplay. This is an adventure game that will take you on a quest with Banana Jones, the star of the show. Are you ready to find out what lies ahead of you in your quest?

Reels and paylines

Er, no… this is a different game to the one you may have expected. And that is a good thing, believe us! Instead of offering you reels and paylines, the screen is shown as a snakes and ladders-style game, with lily pads floating on a greenish-blue lake leading across to the pyramid beyond.

Roll the dice to determine what happens next

Instead of spinning reels, you roll two dice in each go of this game. Better yet, you get five rolls of the dice for each bet you place. Each roll will see Banana Jones move the relevant number of spaces for the numbers shown on the dice. This will be between two and 12 spaces.

Heads or tails?

Watch out for snakes and vines when you play the Banana Jones slot game. Land on the head of a snake and Banana Jones tumbles to the bottom. However, if your dice roll takes Banana Jones to the bottom of a vine, he will climb it to progress further in the game.

Collect diamonds and more to trigger payouts

Watch for the symbols on the map to see what you can collect. The game comes with a paytable, so you must collect the required number of matching symbols to win a prize.

What about bonuses in Banana Jones?

There are two. If you land on the Treasure Wheel position, you can spin the wheel to win a prize. The second bonus is triggered if you manage to reach the temple beyond the lily pads. If you trigger this Crystal Banana Quest, you will choose from a series of treasure chests to find some fruit and win some prizes. You could win as much as 2,565x your bet if you get lucky!

Download and play the unusual and entertaining Banana Jones game now

This is a sensational game and it makes a refreshing change from your usual slots. If you want something different to play, check out the Banana Jones game from RTG now.