Color is an important feature in many slot games. It can set the tone and feel for the theme and the experience ahead. In the Carnaval Forever slot game, you will get the chance to enjoy a huge palette of colors coming together to provide an outstanding game you cannot help but like. Of course, the features and symbols in the game have important roles to play too. We’re going to review the game here, so you can see whether it might have some appeal.

What do you need to know about the Carnaval Forever slot game?

While some slots don’t worry too much about providing lots of background detail, this one does. The carnival theme is replicated throughout the celebratory images and items on either side of the reels. Combined with the images on the reels, it gives you a nice view to enjoy as you play.

Which slot game developer is behind the game?

Would you be surprised if we revealed Betsoft as the creator of Carnaval Forever slots? They’ve come up with many great games throughout their time in the industry. They are closely associated with 3D slots, but this one is not in that category. Don’t worry, though – it still has lots of detail and plenty of hard work has gone into it.

Does it come with demo play features?

It does. Most casinos will allow their members to select a demo version rather than the real thing. It plays just the same, so you can see exactly how it works prior to trying it with some real coin wagers in place. You can decide what you think and whether you can find enough to enjoy in the game to proceed with the real version.

About the theme

It’s not a huge shock to discover this has – yes, indeed – a carnival theme. Would you have expected anything else? Every icon is packed with detail. Normally, we dislike any slots that have the playing card symbols included in them. You know the kind of thing – A, Q, 10, and 9, for example. Here, though, Betsoft has produced some finely detailed icons in a pale pink hue, so they look just as impressive as the higher-valued icons.

Game design information

Every new Betsoft slot looks amazing. This one does, too. We can see plenty of outstanding symbols to hopefully spin into some successful combos as we play. The higher-valued icons are all designed to show people who are participating in the carnival atmosphere, with each one based on one color more than any other. This makes it easy to see whether you have spun a good combo onto the reels with each spin.

Which type of slot game is it?

The game has five reels and three rows of icons in play. It also features a wild, which appears in many glorious colors with a dancer taking center stage in the image. The Carnaval Queen is important too, as we will soon see. The game does not include a progressive jackpot.

How many paylines are in play?

You might be surprised to learn only 10 lines are included in the game. However, if you like to cover all the lines it is easy to do so with a small bet in place. This is also a fixed-payline slot.

Betting options and coin values

This game is aimed at those who prefer much lower bets. You can wager just one coin per line, which means a 10-cent minimum must be used on each spin. If you want to increase this, you can go higher to $10 at most.

Paytable information

The paytable is just as detailed as the rest of the game, which is good to know. There are five pages in all, with each page revealing more about the various parts of the game. You’ll find out about the wild, the high-value, and the low-value icons that might appear. The first page also tells us about the Carnaval Queen and notes her appearance. We’ll learn more about her in a moment, as well.

Bonus round details

To put it simply, there isn’t a bonus round in this slot. There is something else, though.

Any chance of securing some free spins?

Yes, and this is where the Carnaval Queen comes into play. You can watch for her to appear three, four, or five times in one spin in the base game. Should this occur, you will secure five, seven, or nine spins without paying for them. These may sound like small quantities compared with many other slots, but there is a reason for this. Every free game you play will produce one or more prizes on the reels. The queen can appear again during those games too. In this case, every appearance she makes will add two more free games to however many you’ve got left.

The game also allows you to purchase entry into this feature. If you decide to do this, the price will be shown on the screen. This would grant 10 free spins to play. The slot has Bonus Buy Coins that might show up too though. These are collected if you find any, with each one reducing the price for buying the feature. Find enough of them and the feature cost would reduce to zero, too.

Game RTP information

This is not known at present, as the game is new, and the information is not volunteered on the paytable.

Our slot game rating

We’re going to give this one 7 out of 10. We like it a lot, and the free game feature is a good one, especially with guaranteed prizes and the chance to secure further spins. However, it would have been better still with a bonus round thrown in too.

Slot game winners’ details

As the game is now available to try, we suspect many players will be giving it a shot in the hope of securing some prizes. No big winners have emerged yet, and we guess people who love progressive jackpots will go elsewhere.

Remember to play for fun in demo mode first

This is always the best advice to give when a demo is provided. It gives you an opportunity to see what the game looks like and to learn more about it. This one looks brighter than many we have seen, but will it be bright enough to appeal to you? The demo will give you the answers.

Play for real money – but choose a budget first

If you like what you see in this slot, you may decide you want to go on to the real version. This is available for download and Flash gaming. Before you place any bets, check out the betting options in the game and make sure you stay within your budget.

Consider mobile play for Android/iOS

If you prefer playing games on your smartphone or on a tablet, the Carnaval Forever slot can be played in this manner. Simply visit a casino that has the game available to play, and you can go from there. Enjoy the carnival atmosphere from Betsoft!

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Carnaval Forever Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$10
SymbolsAce, Blue Dancer, Carnaval Queen, Carnaval Stage, Dancer with Key, Jack, King, Purple Dancer, Queen, Red Dancer, Ten, Turquoise Dancer
Free spinsup to 9 Free Spins
Bonus roundBuy Feature, Double Up Game, Free Spins Feature
Fun moneyyes
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