Vegas Vibes Slots

Those Vegas Vibes are heard and felt whenever you hit a great casino. The bricks and mortar casinos are still the favorites of many, but we do love those online casinos too.

This Vegas Vibes slot game delivers some great features you’re bound to enjoy. But before you play, read through our comprehensive slot game review of Vegas Vibes to see if you get a good vibe about this slot.

About the Vegas Vibes slot game

Not all players are going to get the chance to try this slot game. It appears to be restricted to casinos that welcome USA players rather than those from other parts of the world. We’ve spotted the chance to play it in demo mode in some casinos though – it just might be harder to find than other games.

Who created the online slot?

This one comes from Slotland and is available only at that casino.

What does the demo hold in store?

The demo works in the same way the regular version does. It’s a good way to see if your ideas about the game pan out in reality. There’s no risk to your bankroll if you try the demo first.

This one has a cool theme

Can you spot The King on the reels? That’s Elvis, of course, and he is one of several characters and icons that might appear. There’s a showgirl, a red Cadillac, and a suitcase filled with cash. The casino theme is big here, for sure.

Does the game have a great design?

Yes, it uses a dark background and some lights to indicate the setting. It’s a simple idea but it works well with this game. The characters you see are nicely drawn, and you also get the chance to spot some casino chips on the reels.

Learn more about the Vegas Vibes slot

This game works on five reels and looks a little like a jukebox with the coin values underneath the reels. A stack of casino chips is marked as a wild and substitutes for everything else you might encounter in the game. You might also spot some rolling dice, and this is a nice one to find as it is the trigger for some free games.

Above the reels, a dot matrix message appears telling us the current value of the progressive jackpot.

How many paylines are there?

You get 20 lines to cover in this game, and they’ve all got to be covered too, as this is a fixed lines game.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen

This game may be a little rich for some, as the minimum bet is a dollar. The maximum is $10. If you want to be in the running for the progressive prize, the maximum amount must be wagered. Always remember to consider your budget before you do anything else. Don’t wager the maximum if you wouldn’t normally do so.

Paytable information

This tells you everything you might want to know about the game before you play. We always advise that you read a slot game paytable first.

No bonus to trigger

Vegas Vibes doesn’t give us a bonus vibe to enjoy.

Can you trigger any free spins?

Yes – you need three, four, or five of the rolling dice icons in a base game to trigger these. You would receive seven, 10, or 15 spins accordingly.

All the free game prizes that come your way are going to be multiplied by 3x. Watch for the rolling dice icon to appear again too – every additional one found gets you another free game to play.

Do we know what the RTP is for Vegas Vibes slots?

No, this hasn’t been made available.

Our rating for the Vegas Vibes slot game

We’re going to give this one 7 out of 10. It’s a nice game, although it may prove too pricey for some. Its limited availability is also going to cause people issues. The game itself is pleasant enough though.

What is the best win you could get in this slot game?

Elvis provides the answer here. If he appears in every position on a payline, he provides you with the jackpot prize. If you are betting the maximum amount and that combo occurs, the progressive jackpot is won.

Play the demo to see what you think

This is the best way to make sure Vegas Vibes offers you everything you want from the slot.

Play for real at Slotland Casino

If you want to play the game, you must qualify to join Slotland Casino, as this is the only place the game is available. If you do, you can try the real version of the game there.

Vegas Vibes is available on mobile

The mobile version of the slot is fine to play. Check it out on iOS or Android devices today.