Fa-Fa Twins

We don’t recall having played a slot game featuring twins before, let alone the two feisty twins from this slot, which is new from Betsoft. The introduction sees them both spring onto the game screen, taking up positions on either side of the reels.

But other than that, does the game offer some key features that make it worth playing? We will soon find out…

Reels and win lines

Five reels are there to view from the moment you load the game. You don’t play on win lines here though – instead, you get 243 possible ways to win, which is great.

What could you bet if you decide to play Fa Fa Twins?

Well, the smallest coin is worth two cents, but you can increase this to reach a dollar. There are also five bet levels to choose from. You don’t play a coin for each way to win, though. You’ll play as if you have 25 lines in action.

Does Fa Fa Twins have special icons in play?

Most games have the logo in play, and the Fa Fa Twins logo can be found here as a wild icon. It also replaces everything in the game, and it will appear on all reels apart from the first one. There is no scatter involved, though. Instead, the best symbol you could find would be the twins themselves, as they pay 1,000 coins for five sets of twins in a combination.

Are there any bonus elements included?

Firstly, we should mention the Dual Reels feature. This happens with every spin you make. Two to five adjacent reels will spin identically, meaning they will stop with the same symbols present. If this happens from the left side of the game over to the right, you can see how it might trigger multiple wins for you in a single spin.

There are no free spins to be had here, and no other bonus feature to unlock. You do have that Dual Reels feature on every spin though, so this makes every spin of the reels an exciting prospect.

Give Fa Fa Twins a shot and download it to play and enjoy today!

With a chance to win up to 810,000 credits, Fa Fa Twins gives you a superb opportunity to win some prizes. It’s entertaining, innovative and lots of fun to play. So, why are you still reading this when you could be playing Fa Fa Twins from Betsoft now?