Hmm, a canyon packed with gold… wouldn’t that be a cool place to visit? The title of this slot also reveals the theme – set in a canyon featuring cowboys and gold in them there hills. You probably guessed that much, but we’re going to look at this new game more closely, so you can work out what to expect from it.

Saddle up and get ready to step into this Gold Canyon to find out what lies within.

What do we know about the Gold Canyon slot game?

We know the game has a modern look and yet takes us into another time. You can expect a dynamic appearance to this game, not to mention a few nice details that add to the presentation. We’ll cover these shortly, along with all the other delights you can expect to see when you play.

Which slot game developer created the game?

The Gold Canyon slot was created by Betsoft. This outfit needs no introduction, as they are well known for their 3D slots. We should point out the Gold Canyon slot game is not a 3D title. However, it looks divine and you won’t feel shortchanged at the idea of playing this one with 2D graphics.

Is there a chance to try some demo play first?

Yes, the game does come with a standard demo play option. This is identical to the real thing, but it comes with a $1k demo balance loaded into the software. This gives you plenty of opportunity to play the game to see how everything works without risking your own cash.

More about the theme in Gold Canyon

We have a mining theme here, complete with horses, lanterns, a mining cart filled with gold, and much more. It’s been done before, of course, but this one looks good enough to please everyone who tries it. We were certainly impressed when we played the demo.

What should you expect from the game design?

You should expect a fine presentation here, just as you would expect from every other Betsoft title. One thing we liked was the detailed backdrop to the reels. On the left, you see a windmill gradually turning, but it starts and stops and spins in opposite directions in the breeze. This adds a realism that would not otherwise be there.

You will also notice a glow come over the gold nuggets sitting inside the mining cart to the right of the reels. They sparkle as you play the game, but will you benefit from any gold appearing on the reels themselves? Read on to find out what else to expect from this new Betsoft slot game.

What kind of slot game is Gold Canyon?

First off, we should reveal the game has five reels. Each of those reels has three icons on it. It doesn’t take long to realize there is no progressive jackpot involved in this game. That’s a shame, but there is a good array of prizes in the paytable.

A cowboy appears on the reels during play, wearing a cowboy hat and holding some playing cards. He’s the wild and behaves as an expanding wild too, so you may well be pleased to see him. He won’t appear on the first reel but can appear on all the others. He won’t replace the scatter but everything else is fine to be substituted by this.

Meanwhile, several sticks of dynamite with a lit fuse appear together as the scatter symbol. This has a good feature connected to it as well – something we will move on to shortly.

How many paylines can you expect to cover in this game?

There are 20 paylines in action in Gold Canyon, and you must play all of them if you decide to give the slot a try. This means choosing just one bet per spin. More about this below.

What are your betting options?

Since the paylines are fixed, you must select a bet that suits your budget and covers them all. You will see a welcome message under the middle reel when you load the game. Underneath this, you see your bet options. Use the plus and minus buttons on the left and right of the highlighted bet respectively to choose your preferred bet amount.

The default is two dollars, but you can reduce this all the way to just 20 cents. This works out at a cent per line, which we were happy with. This will suit many players with lower budgets to work with. At the opposite end of the scale, you can raise the bet per spin to $20 at most. Only one coin is playable per line.

Where is the paytable and how useful is it?

The paytable is hidden behind the lowercase I in the bottom left of the screen. There are five pages on the table, and you can go from the previous one to the next as you wish. It covers everything you need to know, providing you with lots of info on the game before you start play.

Does the Gold Canyon slot have a bonus round?

Not as such, but the scatters can help trigger explosions on the reels. The idea is that three or more scatters appearing in the same spin will explode. The game then mines some new symbols to appear in those positions. The symbols drop from above, as you may have seen in other games. We like the dynamite touch though, creating explosions just as you would expect it to.

You can also secure up to 1,000x your triggering bet if you managed to find 15 sticks of dynamite filling all the spots on the reels. This gives you a good chance of finding some explosive wins when you play this slot. How many scatters will appear in the next spin, we wonder?

Have they included any free spins?

Yes, you get the chance to play these as well. The idea is that three or more scatters will explode as described above. You then see if the new symbols dropping into play bring you any further prizes.

Once that feature has completed, you receive a free spin for each dynamite scatter that exploded. So, you are sure to get at least three, but you could receive up to 15 if you managed to fill the screen with dynamite.

Three free spins for three scatters is a small result. However, there is a chance you could secure some quite often if you get on a winning streak here. It’s certainly worth thinking about if you are wondering whether to play the game.

Do we know the game RTP?

We do, yes, because Betsoft has released this information. It comes in at a respectable 96.13%.

What is our slot game rating for this title?

It’s a smooth game to play, with lots of potential prizes and a nice appearance too. Looking out for those scattered sticks of dynamite will be your aim here. We like this one enough to rank it 8 out of 10.

Will we learn about any slot game winners?

This depends on the amount they get in prize money and where they play the game. Since there is no big progressive involved, the news of winners may not be as easy to find.

Play for fun first

We recommend you try the accessible demo for Gold Canyon before doing anything else. This will reveal enough information to let you decide whether you want to progress to the real version.

Play for real money whenever you’re ready

There are lots of online casinos offering you the chance to play Betsoft games. Find one of those (if you are not already a member of one) and go from there.

Offering mobile play for Android/iOS

The good news is the game is available to play on all platforms. This includes the chance to play on Android and iOS devices, from smartphones to tablets.


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Gold Canyon Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, video
ThemeAmerican, Regional, Wild West
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01, $0.02, $0.03, $0.04, $0.05, $0.10, $0.15, $0.20, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$20
SymbolsAce, Cowboy, DoA Poster, Dynamite, Gold Nugget, Horse, Horseshoe, Jack, King, Lantern, Playing Cards, Queen, Sheriff Badge
Bonus roundDouble Up Game, Explosive Fun Feature, Free Spins Feature
Fun moneyyes
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