Sushi Bar Slots Provide a Tasty Gaming Experience

The maximum prize in Sushi Bar slots is a massive 450,000 credits. So says the opening title card for this game, which has plenty else to offer aside from that main prize. Watch out for the sushi expert as he guides you through the game and prepares his sushi on the right-hand side of the screen.

Reels and paylines – what should you expect to see?

There are 25 lines here to bet on, and you can see five reels in action too.

What can you bet on Sushi Bar?

With a choice to play one to five coins per line, you have a chance to maximize your bet amount here if you want to. However, you can start on two cents per coin and go all the way to a dollar if it suits you.

Does this slot have any specific symbols to look for?

Well, you can expect various types of sushi to appear among the symbols here. The top-paying symbol will pay 1,000 coins for five on a line.

The wild is a soy sauce bottle. This substitutes for everything else in the game apart from the scatter. If you get a wild symbol in a winning line, your prize is automatically doubled.

The scatter is the fan symbol. Two of these will win you 50 credits, while three or more wins you between eight and 20 free spins. Any wins you trigger during the free spins round will be doubled.

Does it have a bonus level on a second screen?

Sadly, no – and this does come as quite a surprise. This is the sort of game that does usually have a bonus round, but not this time. The free spins are as close as you will get, and at least the prizes are doubled during that round.

Download and play Sushi Bar slots today!

Sushi Bar is a pretty solid slot game, and one you will probably find quite enjoyable to play. The lack of a bonus level might see you looking for something else to play after a while, but it will certainly keep you entertained for some time.

Furthermore, you will be striving to get those free spins, so watch out for the scatter symbols and remember they can appear anywhere to count towards the free spins round. Play Sushi Bar slots today to see whether you could get some lucky wins.