Crazy Starter

The Crazy Starter Slots game is weird and wacky, who ever heard of fruits and vegetables with eyes and glasses, the developers of this slots game have a crazy sense of humor. The background is reminiscent of a garden that has an orchard. The graphics on the 5 reels game are pretty good clear, bright and very amusing. When wins occur the icons animate with the eyes spinning round and round, this is quite funny.

Betting on the game

All symbols will animate when a win occurs, the and on the 5 reels you will be able to wager on twenty five paylines, with a minimum of 10c per line therefore, on 25 lines the bet will be $2.50, if you have a high roller account and can afford to bet max then the max bet is $25.

Meet the animating fruits and vegetables

All the symbols represent fruits and vegetable, from the watermelon slice with two eyes on the top of the slice, each other symbol also peers at you with their beady eyes, and some smile, grin and frown. So you will find grapes, oranges, apples, limes, lemons, bananas, potatoes, bell peppers, chilies all taking their place and giving various payouts, check the paytable for the values of each symbol. Five Bananas appearing on the reels will payout 3,000 coins.

The Wild Symbol

Wilds increase the opportunities to win, and the wild on this game is no exception, when there are two symbols and a wild depending on where they are placed will complete 3 which is a win and will pay out into your account. The wild will not complete with two free spins symbols.

The Free spin round

The Free spin symbol with a worm on it will trigger the free spin round, there must be a free spin symbol on the second and forth reel to activate the 15 free spins, During this feature the third reels becomes an expanded wild over all the third reel.

This game does not have the gamble feature installed.

The Autoplay

Another neat feature on this game is the autoplay, there are various choices of when the autoplay stope, to how many autoplay spins you want to go, starting from 10 auto spins you can go up to 1000 autospins. You also have the choice to stop the autospins at any time you wish.