Take The Bank Slots

What does Take the Bank mean? We are about to find out… but suffice to say there are some criminals about…

The game is set to play today, but if you want to learn more about it first, we can help you there. Our review gives you the lowdown on what to expect.

A famous developer is behind this slot game

Could there be a developer more famous than Betsoft , we wonder? We doubt it.

Betsoft has given us access to a demo version of Take the Bank too

It is always nice to try a game before doing anything else. You can never tell what it might hold in store for you. Take the Bank can be chosen as a practice version if you wish.

Can you work out the theme?

It involves a bank, of course, and we already mentioned criminals being present. If there are robbers around, you can count on the police not being too far behind either.

Is this a 3D design?

There are 3D features in it, yes, but the whole thing doesn’t present in this manner. That said, it is a nice mix of approaches and it works very well indeed.

What can you expect from this slot game?

It has five reels, with three symbols popping up on each one as each spin completes. Betsoft hasn’t included any progressive jackpots, but the paytable tells you more about the highest available prizes in the game.

The bomb is used as a wild, and although it doesn’t substitute for the robber, all robbers appearing in a spin change into wilds anyway. It’s a neat twist. The bomb doesn’t sub for the police car either.

Watch for the Master Bomb at the start of each spin. The game works in sets of 10 spins. The number shown on the Master Bomb drops by one on each spin. When wild bombs show up, they stay on the reels until the end of the set of 10 current spins. They count down with the main bomb too. It then explodes when it reaches zero, giving you the chance of some wild wins on the reels. You’ll be watching closely to see what happens here!

Does the game have lots of paylines?

It does – 75 fixed ones.

Does that mean there are bigger bets to be placed?

No – you can play all those lines from just 20 cents a go. There are other fixed bets available too, going up to $20 at most.

What can you expect from the paytable?

More details about the game, including prize amounts for various combinations. We suggest you check it over before you play.

Is there a chance of scoring a bonus feature or two?

No, unfortunately not.

The game does have some free spins in store though

Find three cop cars and 15 spins are granted. There is an option to purchase the spins too. The amount you’d pay depends on the bet level you have chosen.

On every free spin, five, seven, or 10 bombs appear as wilds. That makes each one of the 15 freebies very interesting…

RTP value for the Take the Bank slot game

This game provides a return to player value of 96.08%.

Does Take the Bank rank highly for us?

It does – there is nothing else quite like it, which automatically makes it a good pick in our view. We are giving this a total score of 9 out of 10.

Could you get the biggest 225x multiplier for a prize?

That is the biggest and best outcome you could hope for, although there are lots of other potential payouts to shoot for as well.

Demo action reveals just how the game works

The demo from Betsoft shows you how those bombs work, making every set of 10 spins very interesting to watch. We would advise playing a few sets of 10 spins in demo mode to see how everything comes together.

Are you going to play for real too?

We think lots of players will want to check out the real version of the Take the Bank slot game. Are you going to join them at a good Betsoft casino online today?

Mobile alternative for slot fans is also available

It’s true – you can try Take the Bank slots on any mobile today, including iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones or an Android device.