Many Betsoft slot games are based around 3D images and lots of reels and lines. However, Double Sixteen is set on offering us something a little different. We get a hint of how the title might come into play as we start finding out some details, but nothing is obvious. Isn’t it great to encounter a title that tells you very little and what is to come?

Reels and win lines

There are two sets of reels in use in this game. One appears on the lower section of the game screen, with the second set above it. There are four reels on each, and you can see four icons on each reel – hence the Sixteen part of the title. And yes, since we have two sets of reels, that’s the Double part taken care of too. Oh, and you can bet on as many as 32 paylines in this game.

Coin values you could use

The bet amounts you could choose from are clearly displayed on the screen. Will it be five, 10, 20, or 40 credits on every spin? Depending on what you choose to wager, you’ll activate a set number of paylines, from four through to 32 of them.

Double Sixteen special symbols

If you thought that number of reels and lines might assure you of a substitute icon at least, you’d be wrong. There are no wilds here, and you won’t find anything else in use either. If you wanted to try and spot a scatter, you can forget about that too. You simply need to try and get winning combinations of the icons included in the game’s paytable, which is clearly shown on screen for you to see.

Bonuses to look for in Double Sixteen

Well, you may guess there are no bonuses involved in the Double Sixteen slot. This is as basic as it gets in this sense, although we do of course have lots of reels and lines to bet on.

Be sure to download and play the entertaining Double Sixteen slot today!

This is an unusual game in that it presents you with way more reels and lines than you’d usually get in a traditional slot game. However, that is the beauty of this game, so if you’re happy to forego bonus elements, Double Sixteen could pack in some surprises for you.

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Double Sixteen Slots

Type8-reel, classic, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.01
SymbolsGrapes, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Strawberry, Treasure Chest, Watermelon
Fun moneyyes
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