Stocking Stuffers Slots

Stocking stuffers… we're all focused on trying to find the best ones we possibly can at this time of year. When we're playing slot games, we would like nothing better than to find some prizes in those stockings.

The Stocking Stuffers slot game is the first one we've seen based on the idea of those small gifts we pack into our seasonal stockings. But is this game packed with prizes too?

Reels and paylines

This is a three-reel game with just one line available, so it is a nice simple one to try out.

Coin values

If you would like to wager just a cent on that payline, you can do just that. Alternatively, you could wager up to five dollars on the line by adjusting the coin value. Another button gives you the chance to go up to three coins on the line.

Stocking Stuffers special symbols

There are two special icons to look out for as you play Stocking Stuffers. The first is the wild symbol. It looks very festive and bears the words 5x WILD on it. This will substitute for everything else you could encounter, with just one exception. This is the bonus gift.

The wild is a cool symbol to find. Just one in a winning line means you'll get a 5x multiplier for your prize. If two wilds were to appear in a winning line, can you guess what the multiplier would be? If you were hoping for a 25x multiplier, your luck is in - that's the correct answer!

Can you expect any festive bonuses?

Yes, and that's a surprise in a three-reel slot. To stand a chance of triggering the bonus, you must play three coins on the payline. They can be as little as one cent each though. To trigger it, you need to find the bonus gift on reel three. There is no information on what this might involve, although we get the feeling that we might be given the chance to choose a gift to find out what it is worth. Could we be correct in thinking that?

Download and play the entertaining Stocking Stuffers slot now

Stocking Stuffers is the perfect antidote to the bigger and more complex Christmas games appearing at casinos now. If you want something simpler that still packs a punch, this game looks set to deliver.