Fruit Slots Slots

Fruit. Yes, we are all more than familiar with the sight of fruity symbols on the reels of a slot game. Not all games feature them, but many do, and many of those tend to be classic slots – the type you’d see in a bricks and mortar casino.

If you want to try that sort of game in the comfort of your own home, this is the time to make it happen. Let’s check out the Fruit Slots classic experience to see how good it is.

Reels and win lines

Classic games usually mean you only get three reels to spin into action. They often only have a single line to bet on too. That’s exactly what lies in store for you here.

Coin values

This is a WGS game, which means you might guess at the coin values they’ve used. Many of their titles feature coins from a cent up to $10, and that’s what we have here too. You get a chance to play up to three coins on the single payline.

Fruit Slots special icons in use

Cherries appear in lots of these games. They pop up here too, and as usual they offer you the chance to win a prize whenever one appears, with no others required. Two cherries do win a bigger prize, though.

There are other types of fruit in this game. Watch for two fruits appearing with a few leaves, as you only need two of these to secure a prize, rather than three.

You can win the jackpot here if you secure three cherries across the payline. The amount won will depend on the coins wagered. One, two, or three coins bet will secure 250 coins, 500 coins, or a huge 2,500 coins respectively. You can see it is best to go for a three-coin bet, even if you reduce your coin value to make it happen.

Fruit Slots bonus features

As a basic slot game, a bonus feature doesn’t factor into it. So, if you want bonuses, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Fruit Slots game now

For anyone who wants nothing more than a classic fruit slot game, this is the one to try. There is nothing to make it complicated, so if you want a simple classic, the Fruits Slot game is an ideal choice to make.