Fruiterra Fortune Slots

You'd expect a slot game with that title to be packed with fruits, and hopefully some rich chances to win big prizes, too. So, does Fruiterra Fortune deliver on both those counts? It certainly delivers on the unusual front, because the logo for the game is surrounded by different icons, rather than having them on lines and reels. So, what is going on here?

The bottom of the screen reveals the prize multipliers awarded for getting various icons. The controls are on the right, and there is a multiplier element too. This can go as high as 20, but beware your bet will increase with each multiplier you go to.

The best way to work out how Fruiterra Fortune works is to give it a shot. You can do this in demo mode, so there is no need to bet real money until you know exactly how it all works. A light travels around the screen once you begin, and stops on a panel. Before playing, you need to decide which options you're going to bet on below the main screen. If you guess correctly, you will win the relevant prize. Fruiterra Fortune is certainly different, but will it be enough for you to play?