Halloween Slots

Halloween is supposedly the time when the fabric between our world and other worlds gets thinner… potentially allowing monsters to come through. Some would say there are monsters in our world already, of course, and the frightening story of the serial killer in Halloween, the famous movie, showcases one of those.

Slot games based on famous movies or TV shows always tend to do well, and we have high hopes for this one when it hits the internet. Are you ready to play? And are you brave enough to face what might be coming for you?

Reels and paylines

There are five reels involved in Halloween, along with 50 paylines. That's great if you like plenty of winning opportunities with each spin.

Is it really based on the famous movie called Halloween?

It is, and it looks sufficiently scary, too. If you remember Jamie Lee Curtis and the scary elements of the movie, we think you'll like the slot game version of it, too.

It has lots of great features you'd expect to see in a slot, too. And yes, you do get a wild and a scatter included for good measure.

Watch out for Wandering Reels…

Yes, this game features Wandering Reels. The game uses the 5 x 3 reel format, but the Wandering Reels element works across 3 x 4. This makes the game a little more unusual and intriguing.

Will you win the character free spins?

It's always good to have a chance to win some free spins, and they are included in the Halloween online slot as well. This thrilling element means you can win real prizes while spinning the reels for free!

Try and trigger the Trick or Treat Wheel Bonus

This bonus is the trigger that could lead to the character free spins. It can also lead you to the Boogeyman Bonus. Yep, there is a lot shoehorned into the Halloween slot game, which is one reason why we think people are going to love it.

Get ready to play the Halloween slot!

If you are brave enough to face the storyline made famous in the Halloween movie, we highly recommend you try this game now. With bonuses galore, Wandering Reels, and free spins to look for, you won't get bored anytime soon when you give this entertaining game a try. Is this going to be a game to remember for you?