3 Quirky Settings for Online Slots

If there is one thing you can guarantee when you play a slot game online today, it’s the presence of all kinds of settings to play in. From pirate ships to ancient Rome, and the land of dinosaurs to a future planet, you just never know where you will end up next. While some settings are arguably overused – think of ancient Egypt or the time of dinosaurs, to name just two – others are very rare. We’ve looked through hundreds of slot games to find a few more unusual and quirky settings here. Do you agree with our choices and will you play these to see what you think?

Noah’s Ark by IGT

No prizes for guessing where you’ll find yourself when you play this slot game! Noah’s Ark takes us aboard the famous ark, where the animals went in two by two. You will see them appearing both singularly and in twos, and if a double should appear in one position, it counts as two, which is a cool way to use the theme. Six doves are required to reach the Raining Free Spins feature.

Angry Pigs

We met some feisty birds a while back, and they have inspired a piggy-themed game that includes some warthogs, if our identification is correct. One of these angry guys has the power to trigger the bonus game, where you can win a bonus prize. Another angry animal appears as a scatter and the trigger for free spins, and a very angry piggy will show up snorting as the wild, too. The graphics are basic, but we’re not sure we’d like to see these pigs in 3D anyway!


This one comes from Multislot, and we had to mention it as the game looks like a chessboard. You’ll find lots of chess pieces here too, although they appear more animated than you’d expect them to if you played a real game. The knight appears as the scatter, while a view of the chessboard is used as the wild. This is a good one to find, because five of these will award you 20,000x your total bet! There are plenty more quirky slot games to look out for as you play. Maybe you already know a few, or you’re looking for some new ones to try? Whatever you do, quirky slot games can certainly perk up your gameplay whenever you play.