Rainbrew Slots

Rainbrew has a title that instantly makes us curious. We bet you feel the same. It's a title that reveals very little about what lies in store for us… yet the mention of the word 'brew' does lend a clue to the theme behind this slot. We are about to find out all the answers we need to help us decide whether this is a game worth playing. Are you ready for a journey of discovery?

About the Rainbrew slot game

This is an engaging game that benefits from some sharp graphics and cute characters. It turns out some leprechauns are handy at creating their own brew, as we see them with some barrels and drinks close at hand. That's not a theme we've seen before, so we might just be in for some pleasant surprises here.

Which developer created this slot?

Just for the Win has created this game, and while they may not be the best-known software developer out there, this game stands out as one of the best in their collection. It's certainly one we think lots of players will want to try over and again.

Does it give you a chance to try a demo version?

Yes, you can load a demo with demo credits in place for you to use. It works just the same as the regular paid version, except anything 'won' will be returned in demo credits and cannot be withdrawn.

The Rainbrew slot theme

Think leprechauns, think beer, think a touch of the Irish, but in a way that you haven't seen it before. This is a nice game that has some detailed background too, which adds to the depth it can offer.

Details about the design of the game

The reels are quite short and spread out in this game, so while it uses a familiar format, it may not seem like it to start with. That said, the game has two tubes in action too. There is one filled with blue liquid above the reels and one filled with green liquid below them.

Which type of game is it?

The Rainbrew slot has five reels with three long icons appearing on each. The game doesn't have a progressive jackpot. The male and female leprechauns are the best-paying icons out of all the regular ones. There are wilds to be found and a nice feature included too, as you'll soon see.

How many lines can you bet on?

The game doesn't use lines, instead going for way wins. There are 243 basic ways you can win, but these can be increased to 1,125 ways. More about how this works in a moment.

What are your coin and betting options?

You simply need to choose a bet for each spin here. This could be as low as 20 cents or far higher, maxing out at $100 per spin.

Finding the paytable

Click on the three dots in the top right of the game. You will then see a star with a dollar sign inside it. This opens the paytable, where you can read all about the features in the game. It also reveals how the way wins format works, along with revealing which icons are worth more than others when getting successful combos to find prizes.

Does Rainbrew include a bonus feature?

Yes, and this is called the Sidewinder feature. The game includes three wilds, and two of them can activate this feature. The regular wild is multicolored and is easy to see. All the wilds say WILD in the middle of the icon, too.

The other two wilds are the Top Wild and the Bottom Wild, indicated by arrows pointing in the relevant direction. The top one triggers the top horizontal reel - the blue tube we mentioned earlier. The bottom one triggers the bottom horizontal reel, which is the green tube. They will appear on reels two and four respectively. Whenever one of these two wilds appear, it will activate the relevant tube. This means another row is contributed to the game, with additional wilds coming into play.

Can you secure any free spins in this game?

Yes, the Rainbrew logo is the element you need to watch out for here. Three of these will bring you six free games, while four logos will bring 10 free games. If you manage to locate two Rainbrew logos - one on the second reel and one on the fourth - you can watch as both the Sidewinder reels come into play.

What is the RTP for Rainbrew?

Our research indicates the game has an RTP of 96.02%.

Our slot game rating

This game looks sensational and is very nice to play as well. We think this is worth 9 out of 10 stars, as it strives to be different from the other games. The horizontal reels make things more interesting, and you'll find yourself keeping an eye on which wilds appear too. Who wouldn't want three wilds in a game?

What might slot game winners expect in this game?

There is never any guarantee of winning anything when you decide to play a slot game. You can spot some good prizes available in the paytable, which is worth reviewing before you play. The game does not include any progressive jackpots, but that aside it does offer you a lot to look forward to.

Try playing for fun to see if you like the Rainbrew slot

We certainly suggest you try the Rainbrew slot in the demo version before doing anything else. This gives you the chance to see whether you like the game. It works in just the same manner as the regular one too. With lots of features you won't have seen in other games, it is wise to see how everything works before deciding whether Rainbrew is the slot for you.

Things to consider before you play for real money

We know the game is based on a win way format rather than paylines. That means you will cover all those ways from just 20 cents per spin. Make sure you understand how this works and consider your budget options prior to deciding to play for real.

Rainbrew mobile play for Android/iOS

You can access this slot on mobile devices too, so bear that in mind once you are ready to begin.