Mermaids are not new to the world of slot games. If you have played even a few already that are based in or around the sea, chances are you have already seen one or two of them. However, Mermaid’s Pearls puts these women at the forefront of the slot game. Will there be any enjoyment to be had here, or will the game prove a letdown? We think we know the answer, so let’s see what lies in store for us.

Who created the slot game Mermaid’s Pearls?

Real Time Gaming developed this game and it stands as one of the newest ones in their collection for 2019. RTG has a good track record of producing some awesome slots, with many famous titles already doing great online. No doubt you have at least seen a few, if not played them, already.

Does the slot come with a demo version to try?

You bet. Most modern developers include demos of their games so people can get a look at them, and RTG is no different. It means you can check out the game as if you were playing the real version, except you do not need to wager anything real on it.

Mermaid’s Pearls game theme

We are expecting mermaids and that is exactly what we get. Expect some water in there too!

Does the game boast a good design?

Yes, absolutely – but you would probably expect that from a modern RTG game. The graphics are very nicely done and give a sense of depth to the game as you play. The fantasy theme is very appealing here and looks superb.

What type of slot game is this?

You get a five-reel format to look forward to here, but it is way bigger than you may have thought. You don’t get three icons on each reel or even four – instead, you get five of them. There is no progressive jackpot to strive for, but you do have a chance to try for many prizes. The biggest prize available is up to 12,500x your bet.

How many paylines are in action?

This game uses All Ways Pays rather than going for paylines as it usually would. The larger screen size coupled with that format means you can look forward to a huge 3,125 potential chances to score a prize with each bet.

Considering your bet amount

Choose from the available amounts to decide on a spin bet for each go of this game. Spin bets are all you need to choose thanks to the All Ways Pays format in action here.

Where is the paytable?

There is a button that indicates the paytable can be clicked upon. Just select that button and all the relevant information will appear on the screen for you. It is quick to load and easy to read, too.

Does Mermaid’s Pearls include any bonuses?

It does, and the feature is called Shipwreck Pick Bonus. The idea is to search for pearls during the base game. The game will collect them for you, so there is no need to click on anything. Reading the paytable will reveal the Pearl Payout information. You will need to get a minimum of 15 pearls in a spin to trigger a payout as per the details in the paytable.

Watch the Pearl Meter to see what you have attained thus far. The bonus feature will trigger once 300 of them have been collected. Keep an eye on it to see how close you get…

Do you get a shot at winning some free games?

Yes, and this time you must get 600 pearls together to attain the free games. Those pearls are very handy to look for, wouldn’t you say? Finding 600 of them will lead you through to 10 free spins.

The free games switch things up a bit though. Don’t expect lots of icons to appear on the reels this time – you will see either blank areas or pearls appearing instead. That means prizes relate to the number of pearls found in a spin, with 15 or more required as mentioned above. Each free game has a random multiplier worth anything from 1x up to 5x, so if you win a prize you will see it multiplied by whichever value is shown at that time.

RTP for the Mermaid’s Pearls slot

This is unknown at the time of writing. However, most RTG games do very well in this area, so we can expect to see a good outcome her, likely ranking at well over 90% and possibly over 95%.

Slot game rating – our verdict

We like what we have seen here, so we are giving it 8 out of 10. The pearls are the big attraction, leading you to both the bonus and the free spins. Watch that meter to see how long it takes to reach these features.

Has Mermaid’s Pearls triggered any slot winners yet?

No, and since most slot game news relates to the people scooping progressive jackpots, it could be we never hear of big winners playing this slot. However, there are still opportunities for players to scoop some nice amounts here, owing to the addition of the 12,500x prize possibility.

Playing just for enjoyment

This is a feature offered with most RTG games, and certainly with most modern versions. Mermaid’s Pearls will offer this ability at participating casinos, giving you a shot at trying it to see what you think.

Playing for real

If you like what you see and you decide to switch to playing the slot game with real money in place when betting, any RTG casino accepting members from your location will allow you to do this. Just make sure you meet all the necessary requirements when you sign up and make a deposit.

What about mobile play possibilities?

There is an app version of the game released alongside the mobile game. As such, if you have an Android phone or tablet or you prefer iOS, you can enjoy the game on the go as well as at your computer.

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Mermaid's Pearls Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, video
Coins per line1
Coin size$0.10
SymbolsConchs, Mermaids, Pearl
SoftwareReal Time Gaming
Bonus roundShipwreck Pick Bonus Feature, Treasure Pearl Feature
Fun moneyyes
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