Do you recall 5 Lions, a slot game released by Pragmatic Play? Maybe you remember that title, especially if you played it. If you liked that title, you will be pleased to know you are going to get another shot at playing it. They have come up with a new version of the slot that looks set to catch the internet alight this summer. We’ve got some hints and info for you here, so if you are keen to learn more, you’re in the best place to do just that.

Who created this slot?

We know this one is coming to us from Pragmatic Play. They have an excellent pedigree when it comes to quality slots that look good and are exciting to play too. Other titles in their range include 5 Lions (of course), Wild Gladiators, Extra Juicy, and Treasure Horse.

Does 5 Lions Gold come with demo play?

Yes, you can try the demo version with all the features you would expect to find in the paid version of the game. We like that about Pragmatic Play – they’ve got some superb titles to check out but looking at a demo first is always a good idea.

What do we know about the theme of this slot?

This game has an Oriental theme. You might expect to find lions here, given the title, and you will not be disappointed in that respect. You should also watch out for other golden animals, such as a frog, a fish, and a turtle. The detail is impressive, just as you’d probably expect from this developer.

How good is the game design?

Very good. While the game does include basic playing card symbols such as A, K, and Q, these have all been given an Oriental-style makeover to suit the theme. Every detail is stunning, and while the background doesn’t overpower the reels, it is still shown in glorious shades of blue.

Slot game type and associated information

We have a five-reel slot here. There are also three progressive jackpots, appearing as the Minor, Major, and Grand jackpots above those reels. You can expect to encounter wilds and scatters, while the game also gives us the chance to find some free games. We’ll cover those shortly. This is a high-volatility game, which means prizes do not come as often as those in low-volatility games. The game does give you a chance to scoop several big wins in a short period though… if your luck holds.

Since the slot game is called 5 Lions Gold, you won’t be shocked to spot a golden lion’s head as the wild. It has green eyes, too. This can appear on reels two, three, and four of the game. It will also replace most of the other symbols that could appear, except for the yin yang symbol. This is shown in black and white within a golden circle. It is the scatter, and it also appears only over the middle three reels.

How many paylines does the slot have?

None – instead of going for paylines, Pragmatic Play has shoehorned 243 ways to win into this game.

Considering your betting options

You can wager up to 10 coins on each spin here. Each coin could be worth from a single cent to 50 cents a time. Your total bet is shown on the screen once you have worked out your bet. Since this is a way wins game, a multiplier of 18x is given to each wager. So, if you choose to wager a one-cent coin once on each spin, you will wager 18 cents in total. You might also notice the value of the three progressive jackpots will change according to the level of your bet.

Does the game have a paytable?

Yes, and this is indicated by the lowercase ‘i’ in the bottom left corner of the game. That is quite usual for all the games from this developer. We would recommend you check out that paytable prior to making any real wagers on the game.

Should you expect to get a shot at a bonus feature?

We should mention the Golden Reels Jackpot feature, which can trigger with any spin. Random reels are chosen to turn gold on each spin. If three reels should turn into gold reels, you would get the Minor jackpot. Four reels equal the Major jackpot, while all five reels would equal the Grand jackpot to be paid. This Golden Reels feature could drop during the base game and the free games, so you never know if you might end up securing one of those payouts. The odds are long, of course, but you will be watching to see if any Golden Reels appear, we’re sure.

Aside from that, 5 Lions Gold also has a Caishen Random Award in action. A random bonus can be secured at any spin of the reels. This means you could trigger the free spin feature without getting the three scatters normally required to unlock it. You might also trigger the jackpot bonus game. This reveals a 3 x 3 set of Chinese coins. Pick the coins until three are revealed to be identical. You would then scoop the corresponding jackpot.

Could you secure any free spins?

Yes, you can win through to the free spin feature by finding three scatters over those middle three reels. Do that, and you can choose one out of seven options to play this feature. Each option gives a set quantity of spins with three random multipliers available. With each spin, one of the three multipliers will be randomly applied to anything you win in that spin. The more spins you get, the lower the multipliers will be.

For instance, choosing the maximum of 24 free spins means you will get random multipliers worth 2x, 3x, or 5x. However, choosing the smallest quantity of just six free spins will mean the multipliers will be randomly chosen from 15x, 30x, and 40x. Will you select one of those, one of the four other options in the middle, or go for the mystery option that will choose randomly from the other available options?

RTP for 5 Lions Gold

Pragmatic Play always gives us a minimum and maximum RTP when considering this aspect of the game. Here, the minimum is 95.64% while the maximum value RTP is 96.52%. Quite healthy figures, we think.

How do we rate 5 Lions Gold?

We are going to rate this one as 9 out of 10. We prefer lower-volatility games but that is our personal preference. If you like highly-volatile slots, this one could well be a good one to consider playing. The random features are excellent, while the jackpots bring another element to the game. Throw in that collection of seven free spin options and we think many players will like what they see here.

Any slot game winners yet?

No – the game is not slated for release until June, so we won’t hear about any winners prior to that point.

Playing the slot for fun

This is a good way to see whether you will want to play the real version of the game when it is released. Simply load the demo, adjust your bet just as you would with the real version, and check out how it works. We think you will appreciate every element of this slot.

Playing the slot with real money wagers

You will be able to consider doing this once the game is released. Until then, only the free version can be checked out. It does, however, mean you can find out everything you need to know about the game prior to playing with real wagers in place.

5 Lions Gold mobile play for Android/iOS

Since this is a new game, you can of course expect to play it however you wish. That means choosing from the desktop download or Flash version or going for the mobile play version instead if you wish. Whichever way you choose to play 5 Lions Gold, we think you will enjoy having a great time with it.

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5 Lions Gold Slots

Type5-reel, bonus, progressive, video
Coins per line1-5
Coin size$0.01, $0.03, $0.05, $0.10, $0.20, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$1215
ScatterYing Yang
SymbolsAce, Dragon, Fish, Frog, Jack, King, Lion, Nine, Phoenix, Queen, Ten, Turtle, Ying Yang
SoftwarePragmatic Play
Free spinsup to 24 Free Spins
Bonus roundCaishen Randaom Award Feature, Free Spins Feature, Golden Reels Jackpot
Fun moneyyes
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