Dragon Siege Slots

Let’s hope so, as any slot game could do this for you. We always hope for a strong theme though, and since the game highlights the presence of a dragon in the title, we think there are strong odds of finding that here.

We’ll cover all areas of the game and its potential in our full review for the Dragon’s Siege slot. Grab your armor and let’s press on.

Information about the developer

We can confirm that this game is available on the Bovada network, so you’ll find it at any of their sites. This does supply limited access, but we think the game is so good you’ll want to access it!

Experiment with the demo version

This works just as the real thing does, except that you get demo coins to allow for some practice spins.

You’ll know the theme already

We’ve got dragons here, so we can also expect heroes going into battle against them. That seems to be true when you see a hero on horseback to the left of the reels, with a dragon peering around the right side.

The dark reel backdrop makes all the symbols pop out

There are horses, a close-up of a dragon’s eye, a princess, and the hero all turning up on these reels. While there are playing card symbols in this one, they’re all designed in gold with gems featuring on them as well, so they do fit in with the overall design.

How to play the Dragon’s Siege slot game

There are five reels to spin in this one, and with three symbols on each, this bit looks familiar enough. There is a jackpot above the middle reel too, displayed on a banner. This looks cool given the theme of the game.

The princess we mentioned earlier is labeled as a wild symbol, so she is good to meet along the way. She is surrounded by a golden circle. The close-up of the dragon’s eye is the scatter symbol. You may also want to look for the bridge and gate symbols, as they work together to reveal another feature. Don’t worry, we’ll come to that in a bit.

The wild substitutes for everything except for those three other special symbols, so the princess can aid you in looking for prize-winning combinations.

How many lines can you play on?

The game includes 20 of them, making this a manageable slot to play for real if you wish.

Sort through your coins before you play

We suggest trying this in demo mode first, so you can see how much variety you can work with. Once you reach the real game, you’ll feel more confident in placing the most suitable bet for you.

The paytable is nicely designed

There are several areas to visit inside the paytable. They’ve listed these on the left, with the information for each option displayed on the right. It makes life much simpler, as you can go straight to the piece of info you are looking for.

Is there a bonus in the Dragon’s Siege slot game?

No, but the next portion of our review is exciting to read…

The free spins unlock with an unusual trigger

This time, it’s not the scatter that brings you the free games. Instead, the bridge symbol must appear on the first reel on the same spin where the gate shows up on the final reel. This unlocks the free games.

The game asks you to select a character to find out what happens next. You’re given up to 25 spins, so you won’t know how many you’ll receive until you choose your character. We have better news though – the bridge and gate symbols become wilds for these spins, and they can substitute for everything else that might appear.

There is also a prize multiplier feature for these games. Every bridge or gate on the reels increases the multiplier by 1x, so you could end up with bigger prizes with these in action. The maximum multiplier is 10x and you cannot trigger further games without first returning to the base game to find the bridge and gate together again.

RTP details

We do not have a known return to player percentage for this game.

Our rating for Dragon’s Siege

This is a great game with a few quirks in the free spin feature. We love the theme too, so we think it deserves 8/10.

The random progressive holds the best prize potential

As you knew it would, right? Few will receive it, but it’s cool to see it ticking away and increasing in value above the reels.

Play for practice only in the demo

If you play for long enough, you’ll get through to the free games, so you can see how the extra wilds and multipliers work.

Play for real at Bovada

If you needed a reason to sign up, this slot could supply it for you.

Mobile access is good too

The game is dramatic enough on a computer, but once you get your touchscreen controls going, you’ll see it holds lots of promise on Android and iOS as well.