Loosest Slots on Bovada

Loose slots and tight slots… you can guess from the title that the best tactic is to look for loose slots. So, how can you tell which games are the loosest of all? And can you work out which ones to focus on when you play at Bovada Casino?

That’s what we are going to try and find out here.

What is a loose slot game anyway?

If you read about someone calling a slot game loose, they’re telling you two things. Firstly, the slot is paying big prizes to people playing it. Secondly, the slot is paying out prizes a lot, rather than occasionally. It is the combination of those two elements that make a slot game loose.

In contrast, a tight machine is one that doesn’t pay out a lot. You wouldn’t want to play that because you may not come away from it with any prizes. Everyone wants the loose slots, but we need to look at more info before we can work out which ones to play.

Look for a low volatility title

The lower the volatility level is for a slot, the more often the prizes are going to drop. Sure, the high volatility ones will pay out larger prizes… but they’re not going to do that very often.

Look for the highest RTP you can find

The higher the value the more cash that machine pays out. While the percentage is worked out over the life of the game, it gives you another metric to work with.

So, for example, a slot offering an RTP of 93% is nowhere near as good as one offering an RTP of 98%. Combine this with the low volatility factor and you’re getting closer to the looser slots.

Hunt down games from three developers at Bovada

We like Bovada for lots of reasons, but one of the main ones is that they have games from several reliable sources. NetEnt has lots of loose slots that tick the boxes we covered above. Check the latest collection to find the ones with the highest RTP values.

You can also check out some Rival and Betsoft games at Bovada Casino. Again, use the RTP level and look for the lower volatility ones too. Among the best ones are Catsino, Rise of Poseidon, and Diamond Cherries for the three-reel fans, although there are many others too.