Golden Goal Slots

Play’n Go may not be the first software developer you think of whenever you want to play a good slot game. But hold on – we have looked at the football-themed Golden Goal game, and it is an admirable addition to this themed area of online slots.

We should warn you this is not the most complex slot we have seen. However, it is still an entertaining one to play as you will shortly find out.

Format of reels and win lines

This is far smaller in size than you might have guessed, coming in at three reels and just one line to bet on.

Coin options

There are no coin choices to consider here, as the only one you can play with is a quarter. You can opt to play one, two, or three quarters on the line in each spin though.

Special symbols to look out for

You might be wondering why this game is called Golden Goal. The reason is because the wild icon is shown as a golden football. If you found one of those on the reels and it helped you win a prize, that would surely be a golden opportunity to celebrate, wouldn’t it?

Better still, you can score a win whenever just one football appears on the line. Two are good for a prize too. And if you manage to get three golden footballs on the payline, you can expect to win the jackpot. The amount you would receive depends on how many quarters you bet on the line. One is good for a prize of 800 coins. Meanwhile, two quarters would secure double that at 1,600 coins. Yet if you decided to play three quarters on the line, look at the top right corner of the screen. The amount shown in the progressive jackpot area would be yours if you managed to do that. How cool is that?

Bonus possibilities

There are no bonuses here – only those golden footballs. There are many other symbols associated with football as well though, to keep up the theme on the reels. There are certainly no cherries here!

Download and play the Golden Goal slot today

Golden Goal is a great example of a slot game based on football that is kept to a small size. You can certainly take a shot at winning that progressive jackpot, but be sure your bankroll can stand the three-coin bet before you do so.