How does the name Mega Wheels strike you? Maybe this game has something to do with tires, or vehicles of some kind?

Actually, it focuses on the large reels on force in the game, so they’ve used a change in wording to emphasize the wheels (or reels) that drive this game. But does it deliver a good gaming experience and lots of prizes, or is it a letdown? Let’s find out how Kaya Gaming has done with this slot.

What should you expect from the reel-and-line format?

This is a classic, indeed, and that means you have three large reels to watch as you start spinning with each bet. You have five lines here though, so it delivers more than your average three-reel game usually does.

Bets available for Mega Wheels

How do you fancy wagering five cents per spin? That covers all the lines, so it can officially be called a penny slot. At the bigger end of things, you have a $50 max bet to consider, with other options in-between as well.

Does the game offer special icons?

The pay table is as simple as it gets. There are 7s, bar symbols, stars, and four types of fruit appearing on those three reels. There are no scatters, which you might expect here, and there is a notable absence of a wild, too.

So, does this mean there is little to look for? Well, the one thing you will soon spot is the habit of seeing grouped symbols popping up on the reels. Stacked symbols mean you can get two or even three identical icons on the three rows of symbols that appear on those reels. This could mean you can get more wins, since stacked symbols can potentially appear on every reel at the same time.

Does Mega Wheels have a bonus level?

No, but that probably won’t be a major surprise, since we have already revealed the lack of wild and scatter icons here.

Make sure you download and play Mega Wheels in search of prizes!

Mega Wheels is reserved for the classic slot lover who does like to play on more than one line on occasion. Stacked symbols do enhance the gameplay, but other than that, this is classic in most senses of the words. The big reel design is appealing though, so it might be worth taking this one for a quick spin.

Mega Wheels Slots

Type3-reel, bonus, video
ThemeClassic Slot Symbols
Coins per lineup to 50
Coin size$0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1.00
Max Bet$50
SymbolsBar, Cherries, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Seven, Star
SoftwareKaya Gaming
Bonus roundGamble Feature
Fun moneyyes
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