Depositing Via Bitcoin

Have you thought about using bitcoin to play at online casinos? The good news is there are more casinos than ever before accepting this virtual currency for use when trying their games. However, you may have doubts about using bitcoin. That's why we thought we would lay those to rest. We're going to look at three reasons why you should seriously consider choosing bitcoin as your preferred deposit method when joining a casino.

You won't miss out on a deposit bonus

Most casinos have a welcome package to tempt you through their doors with. You may think you cannot claim that deposit bonus if you choose to deposit via bitcoin, but that is not the case. Most casinos will allow a bonus to be claimed in bitcoin, or mBTC as it is sometimes seen. It will still be offered as a percentage of the amount deposited, but you will see a maximum in bitcoin instead of US dollars. For example, 5 BTC could be the maximum given on any deposit. This will vary from one casino to another.

It's confidential and secure to use

Using bitcoin might seem strange and complex to start with, but it is one of the safest methods you can use to make deposits and withdrawals with at an online casino. The security is exceptional, and you can remain anonymous too. That is ideal for many people when using online casinos.

If you have bitcoins sitting in your casino account, the value can increase even if you don't play with them for a while

This is something few people think about. Of course, the value can go down as well - it all depends on how much bitcoin is worth when you buy it to start with. But it has been known for people to see their account balance increase in value when compared to the value of the US dollar - even if they don't make any bets for a while. This could be yet another bonus you hadn't thought about.

Another perk we should mention is that while only a handful of casinos accepted bitcoin even just a few short months ago, that is all changing now. More of them are realizing players want to use this cryptocurrency, so they are making it available more readily. Even if the casino you use right now doesn't offer it yet, chances are they will do very soon.