Mystic Elements Slots

Creators base their slot games around all kinds of fascinating themes. In Mystic Elements, we have various elements to contend with, as you might guess. But will you get the better of them all?

That is what we are going to find out as we approach this modern and captivating slot game to take it for a spin. We’ve played it already, so we can write this full review with confidence. Will you play it as we did?

Who is the developer?

This is a Bovada slot game, so you’ll find it at all their casinos.

You can try the demo first

That’s what we did, and we can confirm it works just the same as the real version. Of course, the demo gives you a practice balance of 1,000 coins to work with, so you can see how you could bet on each spin and how much it would cost.

What is the theme?

We do indeed get some elements here, as we can see a whirlwind, flames, and a wave among other things. These are the basic elements – air, fire, and water, along with earth, represented in the game by some leaves.

The game offers a pleasing design

It does, and while it isn’t the most complex one that we have ever seen, it does the job. It is clearly a modern slot and that’s why the approach is more simplistic and polished, we guess.

How to play Mystic Elements

This is a five-reel game, so it doesn’t look much different from many other slots we’ve played. You also get the chance to play for a progressive prize, while the paytable highlights all the other potential prizes available. Each icon on the 5 x 3 set of reels is shown in a circle.

You won’t spot a wild symbol in this game, but there is a free spins icon. It shows those words around the front of a purple orb. This behaves like a scatter symbol.

Paylines in this slot game

There are just 10 of them, and they’re always all active. Even better, they pay from any position. This means you can get prizes from left to right along with right to left. You can even get prizes if matching symbols land on the middle three positions on the same line.

Choosing your bet

Hit the bet amount icon to the right of the reels. Choose from 10 bet amounts ranging from 20 cents per spin to $100 per spin.

The paytable is hidden behind the burger symbol

You’ll see this at the top left of the reels, giving you a chance to access it without taking up too much of the screen when it is not in use.

Look out for a bonus mystery symbol

The game contains a swirly purple icon that acts as a mystery symbol. If you find one or two of these in the same spin, they will change into the same symbol. If you find three of them (or more), you’ll see them change into the free spin icon, thereby awarding entry to that round.

Free spins in Mystic Elements

Find three, four, or five of those scattered purple orbs and you’ll receive 10, 15, or 20 free games to play. Regardless of quantity, you’ll get a 3x multiplier on all prizes during those games. The only exception would be if you managed to get the jackpot. However, we doubt you’ll be too concerned if you manage to do that.

You can retrigger them but there is the potential to secure many more spins when you do this. You can net a maximum of 150 free games. If you reach the end of these, you may see the light symbol appear. If you get five of those appearing on the reels during the free games, you’ll get the game’s jackpot amount.

RTP unknown

We don’t have this information for the slot just yet. We’ll let you know when we do.

Our rating for Mystic Elements slots

This is a superb game, more complex than you’d think, yet not too complicated to understand. You can take a practice spin on it to find out how it all works too. This is worth 7.5 out of 10 points.

When do we hear about the jackpot winners?

It could be some time between jackpot wins for this game. We’ll reveal the news here if we hear about a fortunate player winning the jackpot that appears at the top of the reels.

Play for some entertainment

With a demo balance to use, there is no need to play the real version if you just want to try this game to see whether you like it.

Will you play Mystic Elements for real?

The game includes plenty of decent elements – pun intended – so while the design is far from complex, it contains far more than we imagined it would. Experience all the elements today and see what you think of this game. Could it be the right one for you, we wonder?

Play on mobile as well

The slot looks great on a mobile screen, so don’t discount playing it on Android or iOS if you fancy doing that at your favorite Bovada casino.