Royal Win Slots: An Ace up your Sleeve?

Royal Win Slots is a 4-reel and 12-pay line video bonus slot. This means there is no jackpot as the symbols have their own unique multipliers. The coin size ranges from two cents to two dollars per spin. There is no wild symbol, only scatter symbols. There are 12 combinations scatter wins. So, in Royal Wins Slots you get ENDLESS FREE SPINS. Every combination of 5 or more wins! Plus, if you were unlucky for 5 consecutive rounds you will get infinite free spins until you’ll win. The theme of this slot game is playing cards and loads of money. This game is available for download, in flash and on the mobile venue.

The symbols used in Royal Wins Slots include the Topaz Clover, the Amethyst Diamond, the Ruby Spade, the Joker, the King of Diamonds, the Queen of Hearts, and the Jack of Spades. There is a meter to the left of the screen that will keep track of your non winning spins and when that meter climbs down to five spins with no wins the game will go into free spins mode until you do win. Play for real or for fun, the choice is yours but the game is one you will enjoy.