Find a Fortune Slots

Every now and then, it is fun to find an instant win game to play. Maybe you don’t have time to play a slot game, so you choose one of these instead. And we have one here we think you will like. Find a Fortune starts with a fun title, and who knows, you may do just that!

You will see four characters on the home screen, and the idea is to choose one to play the game for you. You can win up to £60,000 here, and your character will try and find a fortune by collecting antiques. Find all the antiques required to win a prize, and that cash prize is yours.

The game is played as a board game, which is good because it makes it last longer. You can also land on mini games within the main game. If that happens, you can play those before moving on. Your character will move around and you will see what each square on the board means. Sometimes, you might get an extra roll of the dice too. With instant prizes a possibility alongside the main prizes in the game, Find a Fortune turns the idea of a quick instant win game on its head – and we love it!