Mega Money Mine Slots

We love the sound of a Mega Money Mine, don’t you? This WGS title grabs your attention even before you look at the game itself. The appearance isn’t a disappointment either, as it features the opening to a mine, some diamonds, gold bars, and classic symbols as well. This sounds like it might be a winner…

Reels and win lines

The mention of classic symbols might give away the fact this only has three reels and one line to bet on.

Coin values

The only decision you need to make here is whether the game is too rich for you. Just one coin is available, and this is priced at $1.50. You can up your bet to two or three coins, meaning you could wager $3 or $4.50 instead.

Mega Money Mine special icons in use

Many three-reel games offer a prize for a single icon turning up on the payline. In this game, it’s the classic 7 icon that takes on this role. There isn’t a wild to help things along, and no other special icons to watch for either.

Mega Money Mine bonus features

So, we know this is a pricey game to play for a three-reel slot. It is also devoid of any special icons. Why would you play? If you look above the paytable, you’ll find your answer – a progressive jackpot.

If you find three Mega Money Mine logos on the payline in one spin, you will win part or all the progressive pot. If you wagered one coin on the line, 15% of the jackpot will be paid to you. If you decided to wager two coins, this would increase to 30%. And of course, the maximum three-coin bet, worth $4.50 a spin, would be required to win the whole jackpot – the entire amount currently shown in red above the paytable.

Download and start playing the enjoyable Mega Money Mine slot now

There is little doubt some players will find this game too rich for them. But if you usually place bigger bets on every spin of the reels, you might want to see if your luck will be in when you play the Mega Money Mine slot game. It’s not often you see a progressive jackpot in a three-reel game. Maybe this will be a lucky find for you? There is one way to find out!