Hot Seven's Slots

Hot 7’s Slots

Looks can be deceiving when it comes to slot games but don't be fooled when it comes to Hot 7's Slots. While this might look like an average run of the mill slot is, in fact...smoking the name suggests! Offering three reels and three pay lines...this slot game is also a Video Slot with a Bonus Game!

Pure simplicity!

The jackpot in Hot 7's Slots is 1,777 coins and all you have to do to call it yours is get three red seven symbols on one line! Look for various colors of sevens but keep in mind that the one that will render the most cash is going to be the red ones! What you see is what you get in this slot game as there are no wilds, scatters, free spins, or multiplier symbols used. These items are not missed though as the game is fulfilling just the way it is!

Bonus Symbols

The bonus symbol is activated when you get three sevens anywhere! The bonus game is a spin the wheel type of game...and again...very simply whatever the number is on the wheel is how many times your wager will be multiplied by. This slot game offers you the chance to win some decent cash with very little risk. Most folks are attracted to the machines that display the sevens and the bars because they are familiar with these symbols.

Why sevens are so mystifying...

This is a slot game that you will want to play for hours since it is really popular and very entertaining! This is the kind of slot game that you would have wanted to take home and the good news is that you did! Hot 7's Slots is not new and it is not fancy but it sure is loved! Sevens have always been considered to be a number of has been deemed as Lady Craps you want the number 7...7 is a number of fortune! Seven is the number when it comes to games of chance! Recall the seven wonders of the world? Why are there seven days in the week? There are seven deadly sins and seven planets...oh...and don't forget about seven seas! Seven is just a number that attracts all people so it is no wonder why it is likely the most sought after number!

There's a seven waiting for you...a hot seven...don't let it slip away!