Whiskey Barrels

Roll Out the Barrels Slots
This is a perfect slot game to have a drink while playing and just relax especially if you are used to the high-stake thrills of hunting big jackpots. Whiskey Barrels Slots will also prove to be particularly enjoyable to you if you happen to be a collector of high-class alcohol. The solidly drawn background really manages to evoke a feeling of style and taste and ultimately creates a thoroughly original gambling experience, which is otherwise quite simple especially when one takes a closer look at the gameplay. There are three reels, a single lonely payline and the maximum number of coins is set at three, while the coin value ranges from 1 cent to 10 dollars. Furthermore, you won’t be able to find here any special symbols or extra features of any kind.

Whiskey Symbols

The slot game features a number of theme-related symbols including a cowboy, which will prove to be so profitable that just one or two of him will grant you a reward. There is also a yellow seven symbol, a Single Bar, a Double Bar and a Triple Bar. The symbol through which gamblers can get their hands on the jackpot is the whiskey barrel. The jackpot in this game is 2500 coins. A secondary jackpot is also available that is priced at 1000 coins. Another curious piece of information about this slot, which might be considered as a drawback by some is the fact that there are only 10 combinations in the game that deliver a payout. Obviously, in order to fully enjoy both the whiskey theme of Whiskey Barrel Slots and the financial profit which you generate you will have to play with the biggest possible numbers. That means you have to get into spins with the maximum number of coins, choosing the highest value of a coin and you have to acquire on the reels three jackpots symbols in the very least. Get all of that and apart from the wonderful taste of this online whiskey you will also end up with a jackpot that is a s flabbergasting sum of 75,000 dollars. There is also the flip-side of the coin when you play like a rather scared newcomer and you don’t like taking chances and you go into a spin with just 1 coin and the smallest possible coin value. If you do happen to land a jackpot winning combination with that safe style of play, the sum you will put in your pocket will be a mere 75 dollars.

Have a Drink and Enjoy Your Money

How can you not love a game which puts your love for your favourite drink into good use when it comes down to making money. Whiskey Barrels is not complex in the slightest-it’s just a fun joy ride, which can bring you great happiness in the form of financial riches.