Riddle Reels Slots

We love nothing more than trying a slot game based on a mystery or two. We seem to have found a few of those lately, with the new Riddle Reels slot game ahead of the pack.

Developed by Play’n Go, the full title is Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches. We appear to be in London for this game, with a backdrop that includes old buildings and the quintessential pub. What else should we expect to see when we play? Allow us to take you through the basics.

A smaller game than you might think

This game uses a 3 x 3 format, so it is far smaller than we expected. However, we can still see nine icons whenever the reels stop spinning, and there are lots of features involved.

There are nine fixed paylines in play. You must go through the amounts underneath the reels to see how much you’d like to bet on each spin. The smallest amount is 10 cents rather than nine. That one-cent difference isn’t much – think of it as a quirk of the game.

The question mark is scattered over the reels

Three of those unlock the bonus feature. If you find two scatters, you’ll earn a re-spin to see if you can get the third one. If you do, the bonus is won. If you don’t, you still get the chance to play a mystery feature.

The bonus feature is like a board game, where you get four rolls of the dice to see how far round the board you can go. We won’t spoil all the surprises, but the bonus involves Clue Points, a case to solve, and a Clue Point Wheel.

If you manage to solve the case in this round, a Mega Spin is awarded. Suffice to say that could have a good outcome, with weapons, suspects, and wilds all coming into play.

The mystery feature is a good one too – but since it is a true mystery, we won’t spoil it here…

A familiar duo appear as the wild icon

You might recognize them as they look strangely like Holmes and Watson. This isn’t an official Sherlock slot game, but it obviously takes a good dose of inspiration from there.

Some wilds are standard ones, but others have multipliers in the corner of the icon. These might say 2x or 3x, so they can be useful to find.

Try the demo of Riddle Reels: A Case of Riches today

You’ll find this at the official Play’n Go website. Alternatively, look for it as an option whenever you find the game at an online casino.

We must admit that we were a little disappointed to see the game only had three reels when we first played it. However, we soon realized how big the game was, and how many features were included in it.

This might be revealed as one of the best three-reel releases for 2024. Give it a try and see if you think the same. Riddle Reels spin a mystery into view that you’ll want to be part of.