Money Train 2

We have a few casino games we love to return to. One of the best from Relax Gaming is Money Train. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were to discover that they were releasing a sequel to this great slot.

Does it use a train as the theme?

Yes and no… the game is set in the Wild West, just like the original. It does involve a train though, otherwise the title wouldn't make a lot of sense.

As the game begins, you'll see the Money Train logo carved out of rock, with a 2 at the end of it. A cowboy is making some electricity spark above the logo, so we guess he is involved too.

Featuring a top prize of 50,000x your bet

Wow, that is worth playing for, right? Most players will never get near it, of course, but the game looks set to provide a wide array of prizes to go for.

Watch for the train to appear

As the train rolls in, you'll see five reels bearing four icons on each appear on one of the carriages. There is a real steampunk feel to this too.

Expect the cheaper icons to be made from wood or steel and to be in the guise of the usual playing card suits. There are many other steampunk-style characters to meet on the reels as well, and those are worth more.

You can buy the feature if you wish

We're not fans of doing this, but you can try the demo version of the game and 'buy' it there if you fancy it. You can at least see how that works for you.

The bonus is the Money Cart feature. You get three spins and the idea is to get as many circular multiplier icons on the reels as you can. Whenever a new one appears, the total respin count resets to three.

We've seen something similar in a few other games, but it is still a good bonus round to try. The idea is to build the biggest multiplier to create a winning amount based on your triggering bet when you unlocked the bonus.

Set Money Train 2 rolling today

We're keen on playing this one for many reasons. It's entertaining and detailed and has lots of perks. And that top prize certainly is one to shoot for.