Cai Bling Slots

For any slot to be truly engaging, it must bring several features to the table. A good theme, a promising selection of prizes, and other elements that are harder to pin down. We think Cai Bling manages it all, and even gets a few other things right that we hadn't thought of.

Check out our full and detailed review for this slot game here before you play it. It's got lots to offer and it looks surprisingly enticing to play too.

Who created this slot game?

Have you heard of a team by the name of Realtime Gaming? Most slot players have. If you like their games, you can add this one to the mix as well.

Demo possibilities

We can tick this box, as Cai Bling has a demo that matches the real thing - except for offering no real prizes, of course.

Cai Bling theme details

Jewels, riches, golden touches… the bling theme is big here. You can also expect many Chinese-themed elements appearing on the reels. Lucky white cats, a dragon, and various characters you might also see along the way. So, a mix of two themes and one that works well.

Does this have a polished design?

Definitely! There are lots of superb touches in the game, offering stunning graphics way more detailed than many we have previously seen. Everything is packed with detail, even the playing card icons, which look studded with diamonds and gems.

Reels, progressives, special icons: The workings of Cai Bling

RTG has labeled all the special symbols, so it doesn't take long to see we have two wilds to look for. The lucky white cat could indeed be lucky for you if it appears and substitutes for other symbols. The green dragon is also wild, truly so in this case.

Does that mean no scatter symbol is in action? No - we do get one of those here, shaped as a lotus flower. Expect this to come dripping in jewels though, rather than water!

If you're wondering about the progressive jackpot status of Cai Bling, allow us some pleasure in revealing there are four sums to be won here. Look out for those on the right side of your screen with the largest jackpot at the top.

Oh, and there are five reels to spin, in case you hadn't guessed.

Paylines don't come into play here

Instead, the 5 x 3 format of reels gives us the full 243 winning ways you may find prizes on.

Check out the bet multiplier

Way win slots always use a bet multiplier to work out your spin bet. Instead of multiplying a coin by 243x, you merely need to use an 8x multiplier. It means that with coins starting at one cent apiece, you can play the game from eight cents apiece here. The biggest coin is 50 cents.

The paytable plays a key role

As always, it covers all the features of the game, the prize amounts, and rules you must stick to when you play.

Five golden symbols in action

The jackpots are easily visible to the right of reel five. But what's that on the left of reel one? Five golden symbols, four of which show a little character. Could there be riches to find when these symbols get into play? You'll find out as the game begins.

Finding some free games in Cai Bling

Could there be eight games up for grabs if you get the right trigger? We guess so, as a screenshot reveals just this. Scatters are good for finding your way to the games, just as they are in many other slots.

The return to player value remains a mystery

RTG does not reveal this information for any of its slot releases.

Cai Bling is highly rated by us

This has everything we look for in a slot game, plus a few other elements we hadn't thought of. It would be tough to rate this lower than 9/10. Try it see if you feel the same.

How big could those jackpots become?

Since there are unknown triggers for these, who can say when one or more of them might drop? We'll share the good news when someone manages to find their way to unlocking one though.

Would you start playing the practice version first?

We would, and we did just that. Since Cai Bling has a lot going on, it makes sense that you would play this way to figure out how best to approach the paid version.

An eight-cent wager buys you a real spin of the reels

This slot certainly fits into the affordable category. With lots to look out for as you play, and tons of potential, it's good to know RTG has started us off with a super-low bet.

You can access the game on mobile too

If you don't play using a desktop or laptop computer, there's no need to miss out. Just visit your favorite RTG casino on your mobile browser instead. You can play Cai Bling on iOS and Android devices if you wish.