Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time Slots

If the name Miles Bellhouse rings a bell, it’s because he previously starred in Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine. This involved time travel, so can we hope for more of the same from Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time?

The title would suggest so, but we’re diving deep into the features of this new slot release to tell you more.

You can guess the name of the developer

If your memory serves you well, you’ll remember Betsoft created the original slot. They are behind this sequel too.

Make sure you don’t miss the demo

The game works differently to the original, so it’s sensible to try the practice version before attempting to play the real one.

A time-traveling theme

We love this theme, yet it doesn’t pop up too regularly. It means this slot is a welcome addition to the Betsoft collection. Miles is ready to assist you by standing next to the reels, along with what looks like a robot.

Another winning 3D design

A swirling vortex sits to the left side of the reels, inviting you to travel through time. You’ll also see plenty of relevant icons over the reels, including Miles himself. Everything is wonderfully detailed and appealing. The lower-valued icons are shown as bronze, silver, and gold gears, so they fit well with the theme too.

How to play Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

The game begins with five reels appearing to the right of the vortex. Those reels each have five symbols on them, so you’ve got plenty to look for before you get underway. It might suggest how you’ll play the game too, but we’ll come to that part in a moment.

A crackling ball of energy is the only special symbol to hunt for in the game. This is wild and replaces everything else that might appear.

Whenever a prize-winning combo is discovered, the winning icons stay in place and everything else drops away to be replaced by other icons. This may improve your win. If it does, the same thing happens again. This carries on until a spin does not add any further icons to your prize.

This game has no progressive jackpots. There are plenty of prizes to be won though, as shown in the paytable.

Paylines are absent in this game

As you might have guessed, the 5 x 5 grid gives ample room for you to find cluster wins rather than looking for payline wins. Three or more matching symbols in a cluster give you a prize.

Choose one wager per spin

You can choose a bet from the range given underneath the reels. The range goes from 10 cents to $5, so it stays at the lower end of the scale.

Spot the paytable

And make sure you read it, as it explains more about the game’s features. You’ll see an info circle to the left of your balance. Select this and the paytable appears. You need to scroll to read all the information on it.

Bonus information for Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

Every spin contains five positions that are selected at random. Watch and see if one or more winning clusters of icons cover those positions. If this occurs, you can unlock one of the Time Traveling bonus features.

These relate to a point in time, so you might unlock one of the following:

• Past – you’ll play your last spin again to give you a better winning opportunity. This can happen up to five times. • Present – a random multiplier worth at least 2x but possibly up to 20x is added to whatever was won on that spin • Future – a free respin of the reels with 10 or more matching symbols appearing on the reels for that spin

You might net some free spins too

If you manage to cover all the randomly selected positions with winning combos as described above, you’ll find your way into the free spin bonus. You can choose from Past, Present, or Future free spins.

Here’s how they play out:

• Past – 12 free games with another cascade after each spin • Present – 10 free games with a random multiplier to boost each winning combo on each spin, guaranteed to fall between 2x and 20x • Future – 6 free games with at least 10 identical symbols on the 5 x 5 grid on each spin

Betsoft delivers a cool RTP

Betsoft is a reliable developer when it comes to sorting out a good RTP value. They have done it again here, with a value of 96.98% on the game.

Our rating for Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time

This game may not have any scatter symbols to find, but we doubt you’ll miss them. It has enough other features set throughout time to keep you entertained. We are ranking this as a 9/10 game. We would have given it the top score if it had one or more progressive prizes involved too.

Potential winners are looking for those clusters

With just three clustered matching icons needed to score a prize, there is a lot to look for as you begin to play the game. It’s entertaining too, though, so make sure you check out the demo and see how everything works.

The demo is the best way to start

If you want to see how the various features in this slot game work when you’re spinning the reels, the demo gives you the chance to do just that. The Past, Present, and Future free spins and bonus features make this an irresistible slot to try.

Play for real from just 10 cents a time

Miles Bellhouse and the Gears of Time is an affordable entry into Betsoft’s game collection. If you’re curious to switch from practice to real play, plenty of online casinos will have this game ready to try.

Mobile accessibility is taken care of as well

The game is designed with HTML5 for desktop, but you can also play on Android and iOS devices.