1 Hand Joker Poker

Grab a coffee and settle in, because we've got some superb news for all the poker players out there. Café Casino has given us yet another reason to check out their site. You can now try your luck with the new 1-Hand Joker Poker variant on their website - and US players can get in on the action too!

If you make a five-coin bet, you've got the chance to win anything from five coins to a huge 20,000 coins if you uncover a winning hand. With just one hand to focus on, all eyes will be on revealing the cards you're dealt. If you get a pair of Kings or better, you'll scoop five coins. Two pairs trigger the same win. However, as you go through the bigger and better hands, the prizes get bigger and better too. Think along the lines of three of a king, a straight, a flush, or a full house.

Since the word Joker is included in the title, you'll guess jokers are involved in this version of poker. If you manage to score a Royal Flush with the aid of a joker, you can expect a cool 400 coins to come your way. But how do you get the jackpot of 20,000 coins? You must trigger a sequential royal hand to win this. The second-best payout is for a Royal Flush (no joker included), which pays out 4,000 coins. Play from just five cents per round today, courtesy of the ever-popular Café Casino.