5Dimes Bet Tracker App

For sports wagering fans with an account at 5Dimes Casino Sportsbook and Casino, there is a new app that is a must-have for your mobile device. The 5Dimes Bet Tracker App allows players to link their 5Dimes account with the Bet Tracker app to sync the two, providing information and real-time details all in one central location.

Once the accounts are linked between 5Dimes and BetTracker, players can watch their current wagers on sporting events through the app. Wagers can be found on the My Action tab.

With the app, which includes the option for a Pro membership, players will be able to track bet types by moneyline, over and under or even the spread. With the Pro members, there is also the option to track teasers as well as parlays.

The 5Dimes Bet Tracker App gives players the additional information needed to see real-time win/loss probabilities and game and player stats. Information on exposure alerts, game odds records as well as the schedules to all major events and games is another perk of adding this app to your Android or iOS device.