Poke The Guy

UK Casino Club
Poke the Guy – you must admit, that is a strange title for a slot game. But since this one has been created by none other than slot game giant Microgaming, we think there will be a great theme behind it. This game shows us a cartoon image of a city that includes pyramids and something that looks suspiciously like the Eiffel Tower. It also reveals other buildings and a Ferris wheel, not to mention a character that appears next to the Poke the Guy title.

So, what is this slot all about? It turns out the Guy is a huge monster playing havoc in the city. But if you were expecting him to appear on reels, think again. This game doesn’t have any reels, nor does it present you with any paylines. Instead, you must fling something from the catapult that appears at the foot of the screen. You will see the Guy taunting you from his position in the city, and your task is to try and hit him. If you do that, you win. Prizes are given as multipliers of your bet, with 500x the biggest return you could get.

This is billed as ‘simple, silly fun’ and it sure does meet that criteria. We doubt regular slot players will play Poke the Guy for too long, but it does offer something different to check out if you fancy your chances flinging various things at this giant!