Cosmic Crystals

Not for real, of course, but they’ve created a slot game called Cosmic Crystals instead. Now, you’d be mad not to think there are crystals involved in this game, but what are they worth to you? You do have a range of cosmic crystals spinning into play on the reels when you load up the game and you start to play. There are plenty of lines to play and win on as well, with 50 of them presented to you and five reels to spin with each go. The user-friendly nature of the game means you shouldn’t have any issues figuring out how to play it. You can get up to 1,000x your bet here if you manage to get a high payout from five crystal symbols, but the odds of doing that are not in your favor. So, will you manage to win some good prizes here, or will you find the game a little too dull? There’s a wild involved, but you won’t get any free spins. You do however get respins in the base game, so that’s worth watching for.