Barnyard Bankroll

Omega Gaming is the creator behind Barnyard Bankroll, the slot game with an impressively-curious title. I don’t know about you, but I’m expecting money and animals with this one. I was right too, as the game screen reveals two cows at the top of the reels – five in all, with three rows on each – and plenty of farm-related symbols taking their places on the reels.

Look out for milk jugs, tractors, sheep and hens, and lots more going on besides. You’ve got nine paylines and while the game is basic, the milk jug is worth looking for because any two or more will trigger a scatter win. The tractor is the wild and will replace the lower-value symbols. Five tractors on a line will win 5,000 coins as the top prize.

The game is far from being the most complex one around, but as a farm-themed slot it does deliver what it promises – a good game with some fun features.