Millennials Could Phase out Slots for Games of Skill

As technology changes, many wonder if the demand for slots will decrease and shift to a hungrier market that prefers video games. Could this be true? Casinos have been making a transformation over the past few years that lean toward catering to a younger market but is this market stable enough to make slots obsolete? Many believe this could be true. The average customer that plays slots is now the 50 and older crowd. Today’s younger crowd demands a more sophisticated level of video entertainment. Slot machines are typically boring and uneventful for groups such as millennials. This could explain why the past few years have seen a drop in gambling by about 15 percent. Millennials are gambling way less than other generations. The younger generations what the “experience” involved with gaming. They want the shoot out, they want the story, the action, they want it all and they are not afraid to pay for it either. More and more of these developers are coming out with games like Call of Duty and other genres like racing, fighting, sports, puzzle games, hidden object, match 3, and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). Millennials are a new breed of gamblers, and their expectations for high tech gambling experiences, skill-based games, and online betting are forcing casinos across America to change their ways. Millennials want to connect to the real world digitally…through fantasy. Millennials prefer to be in control and are not impressed with the luck of the game. Remember, these are the kids that were raised on Xbox, PlayStation, and iPhones. They prefer skill over luck in most cases.