Royal Fabulous Casino Slots

If you saw the title and thought we were about to review an actual casino, you were wrong. We’ve come across a slot game with that title here, and as it loads, you’ll realize this is not the most detailed of slots you could ever play. And we should warn you, as you begin the game, you’ll see there are silhouettes of women walking across in front of the reels in Royal Fabulous Casino. This may come as a surprise – it did to us!

But aside from that, this game has five reels, 25 lines, and lots of casino-related icons to watch out for. You’ll see chips, dice, and roulette wheels among other things, and you can also spot substitute symbols and even a free spins feature to look for.

Royal Fabulous Casino is perhaps not exactly fabulous, but it is worth a go if you fancy trying a different appearance for a slot game. You won’t find much here you haven’t already seen elsewhere, but what you do find is good enough to look into in more detail.