Prince of the Night Slots

Who is the Prince of the Night Slots? He looks to be a dramatic character who appears on the main screen that launches this game. And as you might guess from that title, this is indeed another vampire-themed slot. It was released just in time for Halloween Slots 2017, but don’t worry if you missed it then, because you can still play this game now to see whether it’s for you.

The game takes place across a darkened backdrop, with curtains showing behind the reels when certain icons land in front of them. The game delivers an impressive collection of 50 paylines across five reels, and there is a chance to see wilds among the appearing symbols with each spin, too.

The game also gives you the chance to spot large symbols taking over several icons at once. This is something we have seen in other games, and it does mean you could trigger several wins if you see a giant symbol covering a 3 x 3 center square. Meanwhile, there is a bonus level whereby you must pick one of the stones shown. How many credits will you find beneath the stone, and how many stones will you be permitted to choose before the game ends?