New Australian Bookie Neds is Asked to Ditch Another Advert

Neds, the newest bookie to hit the internet in Australia, hasn't got off to the best start with its advertising. The Australian Standards Bureau (ASB) had already ordered the company to ditch one of its earlier ads, which showed builders more focused on wagering bets than doing their jobs.

Now, ASB has decided the company has fallen foul of the advertising rules yet again. This time, the offending ad showed a man in an elevator who pressed every button in the lift, clearly delaying the time it would take him to reach his floor. In the meantime, he grabbed his smartphone and started looking for betting deals on Neds. The ASB decided this was promoting the idea of excessive gambling, and asked the company to remove the ads, which it has done.

Neds launched with five adverts promoting its website. All these ads led to complaints, but only two have been pulled. The remaining three were examined by the ASB but they decided there was nothing to warrant pulling those from the airwaves. We'll be watching closely to see if future ads get past the Australian Standards Bureau.