Mariachi Slots

Novomatic has released some interesting games of late, and the new Mariachi slot looks set to provide another entertaining slice of slot game fun for players to try. The game is set around a mariachi band, of course, and you see the three musicians on the loading screen as the Mariachi game loads ready to play.

Mariachi is yet another slot that goes for four rows instead of three, to bulk out the five reels. We’ve spotted a few games just lately to have done this. This one looks just as good as the others, and you will see the musicians, their instruments, and bags of cash on the reels as well. The three musicians appear together on the wild icon, and it looks as though there might be a jackpot prize available that is attached to each musician too. These are displayed on top of the reels.

With 40 paylines available, the Mariachi slot from Novomatic offers the bag of cash as the bonus symbol. Three of these appearing in any combination of positions will bring you 12 free spins. Four will get you 18 free spins, and if you can find five, you will get 24 free spins. The lowest-paying playing card symbols are gradually removed from the reels as you play these spins too, meaning only the higher-valued ones remain. How many prizes could you win when this starts to happen?