Ozzie Invites You to Metal Casino

Think of hard rock and the names Lemmy and Slash might just come to mind. Ozzy Osbourne will no doubt be another familiar name included in the mix. And now, Metal Casino is set to become a major name in the world of online casinos. After its launch in August last year, it looks set to reach out to even more metal fans with a dedicated advertising campaign starting this February.

You no doubt know there are some cool games already available to play online that focus on some of the biggest characters in rock music. You can play Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, and Guns & Roses among others. And now, you can see Ozzy playing these games as he reminisces about his time in the industry. What better way to find out more about Metal Casino than by watching Ozzy Osbourne play some of the great games you will be able to play there too?

Watch out for adverts featuring Ozzy himself as the Metal Casino ramps up its advertising to appeal to all the right players this February. It’s cool to watch the ads, especially as Ozzy is just as you’d expect – the true and trusted Ozzy we all know and love. What will he make of some of the games at Metal Casino? Watch the ads and find out now.