Alfredo Slots

Sometimes it is good to play an instant win game – it can make a refreshing change from the slots we tend to prefer. The look of this instant win game is muted compared to the sharp graphics of some others we have seen, but it does work, and it looks very appealing. You will spot Alfredo in his kitchen, and there are various ovens and extractors above them.

The idea is to open an oven to see what is inside it. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see they are numbered from one to three, and the extractors above each one bear the word ‘prize’. No doubt you get the idea of what you should do here. Firstly, you must click on the ovens to turn them on or off. On means you will bet on them, off means you won’t. So, you can play one, two, or all three (we did the latter).

Decide on your bet, and click on play. Three ingredient cards will pop up behind each oven. If they all match, and they also match the dish that pops out of that same oven, you win the prize shown on the extractor. It’s that easy – and quite addictive, too, if we’re honest!