Anaconda Eye Rapids

Now, this sounds to us like a water ride at a theme park, so how close are we to the true theme of this game? You’ll find yourself in South America when you load the game, so we were wrong in our assessment. The water rapids are on a real river here, as Oryx Gaming takes us on an incredible journey that does everything it can to grab the attention. Watch for an explorer being surprised by a leaping big cat, two adventurers in a raft about to go over the waterfall as they are tackled by a huge anaconda, and a quieter and more sedate opening in an icon that promises some free spins. You are presented with 20 lines across five reels, with some lovely chances to win further prizes with the help of the wild anaconda eye. Very scary it looks, too. Three or more of those Risky Dive icons – the quieter opening mentioned above – will reveal some free spins for you to play. Meanwhile, three or more of the anaconda cave icons will reveal a bonus game, called the Mystery Gates. Could there be some impressive prizes hiding behind the gates if you dare go this far?