Are you old enough to remember Atari? If you were a kid in the Eighties, you might well remember this big gaming system. It was very different - primitive, in fact - compared to the other features that you may well expect from modern video games. However, Atari did release Asteroids, and this was one of the best-loved games of the time.

Now, you have an opportunity to play the modernized version, created by Pariplay and creating lots of headlines too. Rightly, we think! This game has a huge 720 ways to win, so you can see it doesn't resort to paylines. It looks good and still harks back to the inspiration of the original.

There isn't much going on in the background, but with wilds, free game icons and various ships and other features on the reels, there is plenty to shoot for. With a chance to win as many as 30 free spins, this is a game we think you will want to return to time and again.