Booster Slots

The name doesn’t give much away, but the game itself is great to play. Booster has a smooth and polished look to it as it loads, and the game isn’t a disappointment, either. The background, consisting of purple skies and stars, clearly puts us in outer space. But that isn’t the theme here – in fact, there isn’t one to speak of. Don’t let that deter you though – you get stars, bars, and diamonds if you look on the reels, so this is a mix of classic and new in terms of the appearance.

The polished slot gives you a bet of 25 coins for 25 lines, so that covers everything and gives you the maximum chance to win. The game includes a scatter, which comes in the shape of a bonus flash in a golden circle. This means you can look for a bonus game, but you must get three or more of these icons to trigger it.

The bonus in the Booster slot is a real delight, as it could win you up to 6,000 coins! It will also give you the chance to enjoy a multiplier worth as much as x5, and some free spins. So, with that much on offer, you can delight in playing Booster for as long as you like.