Haunted House Slots

WMS has gone for the familiar supernatural theme that has been used to good effect in lots of slots already. And more than that, they've gone for the classic haunted house appeal, too. The game is presented in cartoon form, so it doesn't look scary at all. It does have skulls marking out the paylines, of which there are 10, and there are some creepy characters with manic grins staring out at you from the five reels.

Three or more of each icon are required to snag a prize, as per usual, and the wild icon - going by the name Morticia - will help you get some better prizes. There are other elements involved in the game as well, but this is perhaps one of the more basic games you could play with five reels, to be honest.

It's good for newbies to online slots, but there is nothing earth-shattering that tempts you to play. Still, there is a bonus feature where windows hide possible prizes, so if you win through to that, you could be in for a good time.