The Buzz Slots

Ever heard of Games Warehouse? They are fast making a big name for themselves in the world of online slot games, and while it may take a few moments for The Buzz Slots to load, it’s worth the wait. The introductory screen tells you more about the game and mentions such features as the Reel Jam, where the reels carry on spinning for better wins.

The game also includes a chance to win some free spins, and if you win through to this feature, you’ll enjoy unlimited free spins – that is, until your lives run dry and the round ends. It’s good to play to see just how many spins you can get!

The Buzz Slots is also generous in including a multiplier wheel. This provides you with a chance to add a random multiplier to a prize you’ve just won. With a graffiti-style game to enjoy, The Buzz Slots is creating some buzz among slot players right now.