Flying Dutchman Slots

Most people have heard of the Flying Dutchman. This is the name of a ship that apparently never existed. It is a ghost ship, forever sailing through seas and oceans and never able to reach a port. Ocean-going people believe that if they spot this legendary ship, they should take the sighting as a portent of doom…

Well, that all sounds very depressing, doesn’t it? Fortunately, the new slot game called Flying Dutchman from Amatic Industries is rather more fun to play. It features five reels, as you might expect, but each one features four positions rather than just three. That means there is plenty of room to place bets on 50 paylines.

Flying Dutchman also has the benefit of offering players the chance to find a supersize symbol. This can appear either partially or wholly on several reels – for example, it can take up position over the entire space covered by reels two, three, and four. Get the same symbol on the first reel and you’re looking at lots of great prizes. There is a wild – just shown as the word itself – so that will be useful too. The bonus icon is a golden ship, perhaps the Flying Dutchman itself. If three or more of those sail into view, you can expect to win 15 bonus spins. Maybe meeting the Flying Dutchman isn’t so bad after all!